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Franciscan Wisdom

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What does the world need? Truth, beauty, goodness, and light. Fill your life with these and spread them wherever you go. Franciscan Wisdom is full of inspirational quotes by famous Franciscans exploring these themes.

Most holy people live in plain sight. We cross paths with them every day. They will never be recognized officially as saints, and they prefer that. Most of them lived quiet, diligent lives, dedicated to serving other people. They became extraordinary people by repeatedly doing the ordinary things with great love.

There's nothing more attractive than holiness. Francis of Assisi stands as a singular example of this piercing truth. This man and his life are universally intriguing and attractive. For eight hundred years, he has been loved and respected by men and women of all faiths, and those of no faith. His holiness crosses the bounds of religion and prejudice.

Our lives become animated by faith when we discover once and for all that we too can walk that path. Holiness is possible. Not just for people in far off places and times, but you and me, here and now. And not only is holiness possible, but it is needed.

Are you ready to be holy? It is an invitation to wholeness. It is a radical invitation to everything you yearn for that you don't know you need and want. An invitation to find your best, truest, highest, and most authentic self in Jesus.