The Generosity Habit

The Generosity Habit

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MATTHEW KELLY'S BOOKS AND IDEAS have been inspiring men, women, and children of all ages for thirty years. Now he directs our attention toward a single idea that has the power to inject our lives with limitless meaning and purpose, while at the same time transforming the world. That single idea: generosity.

The Generosity Habit is built on a simple and profound principle: give something away every day. It doesn't need to be money or material things. It could be complimenting a stranger, teaching someone how to do something, spreading a positive message, helping someone who is in a hurry, or simply smiling at someone generously. In fact, the philosophy behind the generosity habit rests on this singular truth: You don't need money or material possessions to live a life of staggering generosity.

The book you are holding in your hands is a profound and practical invitation to go beyond the problems plaguing society and become part of the solution. Along the way, you will discover the beauty and nobility of your own humanity.