33 Days to Eucharistic Glory: The Journal
33 Days to Eucharistic Glory: The Journal

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory: The Journal

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A Day-by-Day Guide to Your Spiritual Journey

At critical times throughout Salvation History, God's people have been invited to consecrate themselves. We are at one of those critical times in history, and consecrating ourselves, our families, our country, and indeed, the whole world to the Eucharist may make all the difference.

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory: The Journal is the definitive companion guide to the first ever Eucharistic Consecration. This unprecedented spiritual resource presents profound truths, critical questions to ponder, and life-changing exercises—all in an easy-to-follow daily format.

The purpose of this practical guide is to provide you with the time and space to unpack everything you are learning and apply it directly to your life. Each day you’ll be invited to…

  • Consider what God is saying to you personally
  • Reflect on how to apply the daily lesson to your life
  • Explore ways to integrate the virtue of the day
  • Offer up your day for someone you love
  • Pray a soul-stirring Spiritual Communion

This isn’t just another journal. It is an invitation to participate in a sacred journey—a spiritual pilgrimage. It’s a guide that will lead you to the essence of what it means to be Catholic . . . and change your life in the most marvelous of ways. The questions and exercises within these pages will prepare your heart, mind, and soul for unconditional surrender to Jesus in the Eucharist.

One day at a time, you will become more available to God and discover what it means to live in Eucharistic Glory. Embrace this experience and it will forever change the way you spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist.

Prepare for an explosion of grace in your life!